Published March 17th, 2014 at 10:00 am EST/EDT

To read about Track 10, please visit the entry about “Break Out“.

Given the theme of this album, its track list would not be complete without a song about the gloriously terrifying wonder that is being a musician. This vocation fills me with wonder and elation and fear and worry and every emotion within the range of human passion. I would not trade any of this for the world. And I am so lucky to have so many of you who care enough about this music I’m making that I get to keep making it.

So here’s to passions that consume us in the best way, that inspire us to reach for new heights, that keep our spirits burning with devotion and wonder even in the darkest of times.

Dancing in Flame (Tapestry of Me)
Lyrics and music by Katt McConnell

I have laid myself open,
       in part and in whole,
Forgoing the safety of skin;

I have made self-exposure
       my primary goal,
Turning outward when I would turn in.

I have spread my arms wide
       as if thinking them wings,
And jumped only hoping to fly—

There’s a maddening fire
       making me do all these things,
And I’m happy to stoke it high.

       I bare my soul in note and verse
       Lest my heart split at the seams,
       And still I am always left to wonder
       What this aching means.

       Caught in a firestorm trepidation cannot tame,
       I am joyously dancing in flame.

The day is a race to see
       how much I get done,
How far I can make my flames spread.

There’s aren’t enough hours
       before the retreat of the sun
Signals that I must lay down my head.

Night heralds the crescendo
       of the deafening roar
That ignites the spark of my soul.

It builds the inferno ‘til
       when I sleep, anymore,
I am only just banking the coals.

       And every dream I bring to light,
       Every song that I create,
       Is a balm, a cage, a penance,
       Another scar crossed off the slate.

       Caught in a firestorm the rat race cannot tame,
       I am joyously dancing in flame.

               Am ever burning…
               Both fire, and smith.
               Am ever burning…
               A furnace fed by myth.

Not every fire
       burns to destroy—
Some fires burn to create.

So I pick up my pen
       and lift up my voice,
And singing, I conflagrate.

       They leave me gloriously broken,
       Makes me ache deliciously,
       These melodies that form the warp and weft
       Of the tapestry of me.

       Caught in a firestorm uncertainty cannot tame,
       I am joyously dancing in flame.

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