Published June 6th, 2012 at 10:00 am EST/EDT

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I decided to add this one to the promotion instead of “Coat of Scars”, which I think needs to percolate longer before it’s ready to be shared.

This song was inspired in part by the movie “Coraline”. In the movie, the titular character finds her way over to another world that mirrors the real world. Everything seems better there, but there’s a sinister undertone despite the pleasant demeanor of Coraline’s “other” parents and neighbors. That’s the movie in a nutshell, without giving too much away, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth the time.

You will note upon reading these lyrics, however, that I don’t mean what I usually mean when I say some bit of media inspired a song. “Buttons” carries with it the theme of “otherness” as denoted by button eyes, and how sinister actions can be threaded through and hidden by apparent normalcy. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

As you will hear later when the song sample is posted, “Buttons” is light and airy and lilting. The tune and instrumentation are purposefully in contrast with the darker subject matter. And I was happy when I got to the end of this one and found myself able to finish it on a hopeful if bittersweet note.

Lyrics and music by Katt McConnell

When I was a child
I did not understand
What made the seasons change.
Like many girls before me
I daydreamed all the time
And created my own ways to explain.
But then as I grew older,
Science came along,
And the workings of the world became less strange.
Now I am a woman
And I understand
Many things that once
Were not so plain.

       The truth is too hard to ignore…

       And I finally see
       What was hidden from me—
       There are buttons
       Where your eyes should be.

When I was a child
I did not understand
Why something always felt amiss.
You were both my heroes,
As many might expect,
So for years I ignored the cold.
Now I am a woman
And finally know about
The sorrow that hid behind my bliss.
I never expected it,
And I don’t want it still,
But yet I’m glad the truth
Was finally told.

You hide behind the smiles
And pretty words like “love”,
But I know those both are hollow things.
I see behind your masks
To the horrors underneath,
And for that I’m forever changed.
It’s never quite the same
Living with that knowledge now,
But at least it’s brought me wings.
Goodbye, familiar shadows,
I’ll miss what you should have been,
But never more
To you will I be chained.

       Freedom is too hard to ignore…

       And I finally see
       What was hidden from me—
       Our love will fill the space
       Where you both should be.

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  1. Momma AJ says:

    Very nice. I like it. I can really relate to it.

  2. cernowain greenman says:

    Love it. This song speaks volumes.


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