Barry Childs-Helton
'The Summers Behind You' cover

"The Summers Behind You" is Barry Childs-Helton's first solo album. Its 17 tracks of Barry's original "English-major folk-rock with aerospace motifs" will take you to a world of analog-era technology, science fiction as metaphor, busted college romances, literary allusion, and wry humor. Barry delivers a versatile guitar style on ten different instruments to underpin his smooth vocals. Full printed lyrics in a multi-page booklet provide "a read for your ears", and the Dragon Scale Studios graphic design recalls vintage postcards of a midway beyond summer. Travel there with us!

Barry is a consummate musician known for his work in the Black Book Band and most recently in Wild Mercy. He is an active performer, playing both as part of Wild Mercy and on his own. In 2003, he was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame along with his wife Sally. He is also the recipient of numerous Pegasus Awards in categories such as Best Performer and Best Space Song.

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1.) Some Mirage Icumen In (Instrumental) (03:08)
2.) Snake Oil (A Tune for Dancing) (05:58)
3.) Sailplane (03:28)
4.) Meantime Man (03:03)
5.) Don't Come Cheap (04:01)
6.) I Guess We Had To (04:08)
7.) Incognito (02:26)
8.) Lady Be Crazy (03:16)
10.) A Hole in Your Floor (02:04)
11.) Lady Snowstar Supernova (04:11)
12.) So Long, Christine (03:36)
13.) The Summers Behind You (02:51)
14.) Dragon Speaks (05:31)
16.) Sailplane Reprise 2015 (01:13)
17.) Bright Toys (05:31)

Katt McConnell
'[untitled]' cover

"[untitled]" is the newest effort from twisted folk musician Katt McConnell. Described by Katt as, "a journey through the Self", this album features Katt's melodious voice paired with her powerful songwriting, Riley McConnell's captivating guitar work, and the work of several other talented artists. The arrangements are as rich and varied as the subject matter. Katt says, "These songs tell the story of where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going".

Purchase a physical copy by clicking button on the left, or download individual tracks from Bandcamp with the "Buy Now" link.

* Trigger Warning - Addiction/Eating Disorders
* Trigger Warning - Psychological Abuse

1.) Cracked
4.) Buttons
11.) Break Out
14.) [untitled]
'Faces in the Fog' cover

"Faces in the Fog" is a revisit with some old friends--namely the songs from Katt McConnell's initial release, "Cold September Ground"--completely re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered. Several of the songs have even been re-arranged, and now feature new instrumentation performed by talented musicians such as Jen Midkiff, Cernowain Greenman, and Ricardo Laranja. This new release also includes rich vocal harmonies, arranged by Sarah Thrasher and Jen Midkiff.

The reason that this re-release is titled "Faces in the Fog" is because of an additional six-track EP added to the end of the original "Cold September Ground" track list. These all-new songs carry on the original creepy, twisted, fanciful spirit of "Cold September Ground", which, with the release of this new album, will be going out of print.

Purchase a physical copy by clicking button on the left, or download individual tracks from Bandcamp with the "Buy Now" link.

1.) Cold September Ground (08:09)
2.) Kiss Me, Jak Frost (04:25)
3.) The Garden (04:34)
4.) Fall from Grace (03:03)
5.) Runaway (04:56)
7.) By Blood (03:26)
8.) Wet Velvet (04:42)
9.) Jack the Ripper (04:32)
10.) Stepping Stones (03:24)
12.) The Singing of Dragons (05:38)
13.) 9 Lives (02:59)
14.) Hush and Shush (03:25)
16.) Departure (03:47)
17.) Gray One (03:08)
18.) A Long Walk (04:15)
19.) Faerie Dreams (05:20)


Several of Katt's songs are only available as singles, and are not included in any albums. Each track can be purchased through Bandcamp by clicking the "Buy Track" link.

[untitled] (02:11)
Awenydd (04:49)
Break Out (07:43)
Buttons (03:59)
Cracked (02:32)
Rumble (02:59)
The White Wolf (03:31)

Gabrielle Gold

Gabrielle Gold is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Ohio with a penchant for beautifully descriptive lyrics and unique melodies. We hope to produce more of her music in the future!

Fly with Me (02:11)
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"I've Heard the Singing of Dragons" Shirts
These 100% cotton shirts are available in two styles and a wide range of sizes. They feature the line from the popular song, "I've Heard the Singing of Dragons", paired with artwork created by illustrator Lindsey Toothman.

The t-shirts are available in sizes S to XXXL, while the tanks are available in sizes X to XL. Please let us know in the Special Instructions field when checking out via PayPal if you need a larger size. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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Crew Neck T-Shirt
Ladies' Tank
[untitled] poster

"[untitled]" Poster
This 11" x 17" poster combines the cover art for "[untitled]" with the most poignant line of its title track: " I am sailing in blood and in bone, and sketching out charts into waters unknown...". It makes a great addition to any decor. Printed on 100 lb. coated gloss stock.
Work in Progress sticker

"[work in progress]" Sticker
Sticker measures 5" x 2" and features the phrase, "Work in Progress", in line with the theme of "[untitled]". Made of all-weather vinyl, this sticker will hold to any surface.