CD package design for 'The Summers Behind You'
Studio Rates
From start to finish, Dragon Scale Studios prides itself on being a one-stop shop for Indianapolis's local recording artists. Our full-service studio provides everything you need to produce a quality project that both sounds and looks professional including recording, mixing, mastering, and graphic design. We'll even coordinate with the printer of your choice when it's time to print your project, and we can assist you in setting up a Bandcamp or CD Baby account if you desire.

Our digital format recording studio is equipped to record solo artists and mid-sized bands whether they want to release a single track or an album-length project. We also welcome voiceover artists, audio book narration projects, and other non-musical projects into our studio. Our graphic artist creates eye-catching designs that look fantastic on store shelves, vendor tables, or your own personal CD rack. Contact us if you'd like to begin discussing your project or if you have any questions regarding our rates below.

Recording Rate - $30.00 an hour in 3 hour blocks
Recording Rates
Dragon Scale Studios strives to find a balance between producing the highest quality product for our clients while remaining affordable for independent artists. We are pleased to offer one of the lowest hourly recording rates in Indianapolis.

Are you looking to hire a studio musician for your project? We know several, and would be happy to put you in touch with them! Please note that their rates and terms vary and that working those out is up to you, the artist.

Contact us to begin discussing your project and schedule your first session!

Fine Print and Policies
Recording sessions are scheduled in three-hour minimum blocks. Time begins when the session is scheduled; out of respect for our time and yours, please do not be late to your session. For questions and additional details, please contact us.

Mixing & Mastering Rate - $30.00 an hour
Mixing & Mastering Rates
Once principal recording is completed, your tracks will need to be mixed and mastered. Mixing is balancing all of the audio elements of a recording in such a way that the parts blend together into a cohesive whole. Mastering is the final polish put on a project that brings out its highlights and ensures consistency between tracks in multi-track projects. These important processes are performed right here at Dragon Scale Studios by our skilled engineer. An invoice and as many as three rough drafts of each track will be sent to you for your feedback. We are not presently accepting recordings from other engineers to be mixed and mastered.

Graphic Design Rates - Graphic design projects are charged by the project
Graphic Design Rates
Dragon Scale Studios' in-house designer is experienced and creative. Whether your CD will be sold in an eco-friendly Digipak or a multi-disc case, and with or without multi-page inserts, we can help your project look as good as it sounds. Even better, our graphic design services are charged by the project rather than by the hour. This allows our designer more flexibility and creativity and leaves a lighter impact on your budget. Look below for our rates and contact us for a quote if you want to package your project in something different.

Cardboard CD Sleeve

Single/Double CD Jewel Case with 2-Sided Front Insert and 1- or 2-Sided Tray Card

Single CD Digipak with Clear or Opaque Tray

Single CD Digipak with Clear or Opaque Tray and 8-Page Booklet

Single CD Digipak with Clear or Opaque Tray and 12-Page Booklet

If your project requires a booklet of larger than 12 pages, please contact us for pricing.

Additional Services Rate - $30.00 an hour
CD Replication and Duplication
Clients who desire physical copies of their projects will need to have them either replicated or duplicated. This is not a service that Dragon Scale Studios provides, but we can recommend the following printers with whom we have worked in the past: For an additional hourly fee of $30.00 an hour, a Dragon Scale Studios representative will work with whichever printer you choose to ensure that your project meets their guidelines and printing specs, and that your project will be completedly correctly and on time. Feel free to discuss this with us at any time during your project.

Online Publishing Account Setup
Clients who intend to publish digitally will, of course, not need to hire a printer to publish their project. For them, online publishing will be the way to go. Clients who release physical copies of their projects can also publish digitally, and in fact, we recommend that they do so. There are several well-known, reputable websites on which artists can publish their music. Some of these include: Should assistance be needed in setting up an online publishing account, we at Dragon Scale Studios can render it. Please note that we will not work with your personal financial information should it be relevant to setting up an account for online publishing. We'd prefer that our clients handle that aspect of set-up themselves.