About Dragon Scale Studios
Dragon Scale Studios is a small independent recording studio located in Indianapolis, Indiana. A subsidiary of Firesong Productions, Dragon Scale Studios opened in 2011. The studio's flagship project was Katt McConnell's first album, "Cold September Ground". Since then the studio has gone on to produce two more of Katt's albums, as well as a handful of Katt's singles. For the first time in 2014, the studio produced a single written by an outside artist. And in 2015, the studio released its first full-length album project written and performed by an outside artist under Dragon Scale Records.

Most of the music published by Dragon Scale Studios can be described either as folk music, twisted folk music, or mythpunk. Twisted folk music and mythpunk are genre descriptions that denote music written in a style that is similar to classic folk music, but whose subject matter is uncommon in the mainstream folk music marketplace. This subject matter might be dragons, faeries, magic, video games, science-fiction/fantasy films, anime, or tabletop RPGs. In short: We publish music for nerds, geeks, and gamers.

Dragon Scale Studios also caters to the Pagan community. Our current catalog contains numerous songs that are specifically Pagan in nature, such as "Rumble", which is about characters in Greek mythology, and "Cold September Ground", a song about the changing of summer into autumn. With thanks to Prairie Land Pagan Radio, you may hear these and other songs at Pagan Pride events around the United States.

While we are a small studio, we are versitile and capable. All of our recording, mixing, mastering, and graphic design is done in-house. We also employ multiple musicians on a contractual basis including vocalists, guitarists, percussionists, harpists, and cellists, to name but a few. This allows for polished audio products with expansive depth and variety of sound, and eye-catching visuals sure to help our clients stand out from the crowd. Studio time is charged by the hour, with graphic and web design projects being charged at a flat rate. And we are unlike most record labels in that we demand no royalties and claim no ownership over an artist's work for producing albums for outside artists. Contact us if you have a project that you would like to discuss.

Dragon Scale Studios is not the most active publisher, but we are almost always working on projects behind the scenes. Follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our current and upcoming projects, and read our blog, The Liner Notes, for more detailed information about the same.

Principle Contributors
Katt McConnell - Studio founder and owner, primary producer and recording technician, primary mixing and mastering technician, graphic designer, webmaster, vocalist, percussionist

Riley McConnell - Rhythm guitarist, vocalist, web developer, IT support technician