Learn More About Firesong Productions in Indianapolis

Firesong Productions truly began in 1999 when Katt McConnell created her first webpage to host her illustrations and creative writing works. Over the course of the next several years, Katt honed her web and graphic design skills, and her passion for both grew. By the end of high school, she had no doubts as to what she wanted to study in college.

Today, Firesong Productions is a small freelance web and graphic design business operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our work experience includes websites for politicians and photographers, as well as graphic design for musicians and massage therapists.

Firesong Productions is a design company for storytellers. The story differs from client to client, but the passion is always the same—both the clients', and ours. Being artists ourselves, we have a unique understanding of your wants and needs. Whether you want your online presence to be sleek and professional or somewhere in between fun and mischievous, Firesong Productions is here to help you tell your story.

Katt McConnell

Katt McConnell is a graduate of the New Media Arts and Sciences program of the IU School of Informatics. She focused on web and graphic design while in school, and is now turning that passion toward building her own freelance business. Her experience includes numerous personal web projects starting over a decade ago, as well as work for local politicians, musicians, and small businesses more recently. She will happily go the extra mile for her clients to ensure that their projects are done correctly the first time, on time.

When not designing for herself or for others, Katt is part of a folk music group called Wax Chaotic. She also enjoys costuming with an emphasis on corsetry, in addition to reading and writing fantasy and science-fiction. And in the rare free moment, Katt has been known to get lost in a video game or two.
Katt McConnell, Designer

Riley McConnell

Riley McConnell is The Gal Who Makes Things Work. Whether it's a hardware issue or a back-end component of a website, Riley takes care of all the overly-technical problems that make a designer's graphically-oriented brain hurt. She has a degree in software engineering, as well as over a decade of experience in server maintenance, network administration, and general tech support. Her love of puzzles makes her doggedly determined when it comes to problem solving. If the solution to that problem is out there, she'll keep looking for it long after when most others would have given up, and she'll find it using ingenuity and lateral thinking.

Riley's other passions include gaming, storytelling, and music. Her energies are also directed toward being Wax Chaotic's guitarist. She is an avid collector of many things including games, puzzles, and Legos, and is fascinated by robotics. She dreams of starting a game company of her own.

Riley McConnell, Programmer & Developer